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Tips Thoughts and Easy Talk


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Tips Thoughts and Easy Talk


Tiffany Sanders - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reduce Stress

  • Meditate in the morning to gather your thoughts and to relax your mind before your day gets busy.
  • Take a lunch break away from your desk to ensure you get time to yourself.
  • Take deep, abdominal breaths to remain calm when you have deadlines.
  • Avoid overextending yourself and tell clients or workers “no” when you are unable to complete additional tasks without straining yourself.
  • Go for a walk on your breaks to get fresh air and clear your mind.
  • Eat healthy meals to give you needed energy to get work done.
  • Use positive coping statements to encourage yourself when you feel overwhelmed. For example “I can do this; I’m competent; Good job; Nice work!”

Tips to improve organization:

  • Create an in and out box. The in box is for bills, parent permission slips, bank documents or insurance paperwork. The out box is for things one has read, papers for children to return to school, and bills and letters to be mailed. Also, create a sticky note and put it on the refrigerator or your laptop to remind you to mail the bills or to return an item to a store.
  • Once a month purge and shred documents that are piling up in the corner of your desk. When you develop a habit of monthly shredding documents, decrease the time to shredding documents on a bi-weekly basis to avoid having papers pile up on your desk.
  • Buy a storage box and file folders. Create a box for receipts, important tax return or insurance information, or other documents. Don’t overstuff file folders with documents or your storage box because it will make it difficult to retrieve information in the future.

Tips to improve time management

  • Create a weekly or monthly schedule the highlight important engagements you are supposed to attend. Schedule appointments at convenient times that you can remember. For example, don’t schedule an appointment at 8am in the morning if you normally tend to be sluggish and forgetful on Mondays.
  • Keep paper or a planner with you to jot down notes to yourself or to remember your next hair or doctor’s appointment. Take advantage of the calendar that most smart phones offer. In put the information in your smart phone’s calendar and schedule it to give you a reminder beep a day or the morning of your appointment.
  • Create a “To Do List” of the things that need to be done every day. Quickly complete the easy things first so you will have time and energy to complete the difficult, time-consuming tasks. Cross off the list things you have completed. Reward yourself with verbal praise or a special treat when you’ve completed your list of activities.

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