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Tips Thoughts and Easy Talk

Poor Customer Service Prevents Repeat Business

Tiffany Sanders - Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Picture this, Friday night fun that includes great friends, tasty food and libations to enjoy watching The Bulls vs. The Cavs in game 3 of the NBA playoffs. Watching Derrick Rose game winning buzzer was exhilarating and mind blowing. His display of athleticism in the last 3 seconds of regulation puts an exclamation mark on the old slogan NBA Action is Fantastic!

A perfect way to end a long work week of teaching at a University, over the road hauling loads, and running a business! Not so fast.

After lingering for a while to enjoying each other’s company and to revel in the moment, we closed our tab with the bartender. While leaving the bar area, another server yelled across the restaurant, “Hey! Are you guys gonna pay your bill!” The accusatory tone, exaggerated hand gestures and elevated voice were startling and made the hairs on my neck standup.

Why would the bartender, not familiar with our transaction, use this method to gain our attention if she thought we accidentally forgot to pay our bill? Why weren’t we given the benefit of the doubt? Aren’t customers always right?

After showing proof that the bill was paid, the flustered bartender insisted that the system didn’t show payment and required me to sign another receipt for their records. Is this the policy of a restaurant that wants repeat business? Shouldn’t the policy have been to talk with the serving bartender to verify payment before accusing customers of stealing?

She excused her actions by stating it was “ROWDY” in the bar area so she was unable to determine whether my friends and I paid the bill. I didn’t know my friends and I were secretly being watched to determine if we paid our bill.

The experience my friends and I had at the popular Outback Steakhouse restaurant was an unusual and memorable one. Encounters such as this one can easily be misconstrued, but one thing for certain, it illustrated how poor customer service can leave an aftertaste that will cause anyone to avoid patronizing at an establishment for years to come.

McKinney Teens The Best Place to live for whom

Tiffany Sanders - Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The incident in McKinney, TX where the police manhandled a 14-year-old girl and drew his weapon on unarmed black teens is very disturbing. What’s ironic is that McKinney was voted last year as the best place to live. But for whom? Middle class whites that are oblivious to there white privilege and who don’t have to worry about the police drawing their weapons on their children. Or for blacks who appear to be treated like second-class citizens because of the color of the skin.

Police officers are professionals who are there to serve and protect, and not to escalate tenuous situations with erratic behavior. Clearly this cop, Eric Casebolt, was out of control, running off emotions, throwing children to the ground while cursing at the remaining telling them to go home. He doesn’t deserve to be police officer

Mr. Casebolt blamed his behavior on two suicide calls that he responded to earlier that day. Understand this, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! Many of us have high-pressure positions but we cannot use that as a lame excuse for manhandling and drawing guns on teens. We must use appropriate coping skills to stay calm or excuse ourselves from doing said work, if we feel we cannot manage ourselves or our emotions enough to be level headed and rationale in a time of need.

I was pleased, yet terribly disappointed to hear that the officer resigned from the force with a “heavy heart.” What about the racing, scared, panic stricken teens’ hearts – were you considering that when you did your barrel role?  

Mr. Casebolt you owe these teens and their parents a sincere apology. As I stated you don’t deserve to be an officer for the McKinney force, but somewhere in the future, you will likely get another police position in the best place to live, small town America and resurrect your fledging career. This infamous act will be forgotten, and your pension will be intact. Lucky you.

Happy Birthday America

Tiffany Sanders - Monday, July 06, 2015

With our nation’s birthday last weekend, there are bound to be endless house parties, celebrations, fireworks and parades to celebrate the 4th of July. Yes, we should celebrate our independence from Britain, but in 240 years since our liberation, America is still dealing with atrocities of slavery, segregation, institutional racism and oppression.

On a National level, the recent attack on Mother Emmanuel in Charleston, shooting death of Tamir Rice, McKinney Pool party fiasco and Freddy Gray’s death just to name a few, spotlight that America has a long way to go with its race relations.

President Obama took a lot of heat when he used the N-word in discussion about racism isn’t as overt as it was in the past. I beg to differ; it’s overt and covert. Matter of fact, just the other day as I was taking a walk, an old white man was jaywalking in the street and had the nerve to get mad at a car driven by a black man that abruptly stopped to avoid hitting him. His response was to the man wasn’t thank you, but to drop the F-bomb and call the other driver a Nigger. 

Racism in America is systemic and systematic. As blacks we need to work collectively to come up with a solid plan to ensure our agenda matters. Too often those things that don’t matter, but are good fodder for water cooler discussion such as Rachel Dolezal identity crisis are distracting us.

We must define our interests, develop and cultivate our next group of leaders and activists such as the young lady Bree Newsome who scaled a pole to yank down the confederate flag. We need to leverage our buying power so that banks and businesses do business with us on our terms versus the predatory lending and practices that we’ve become accustomed to. Lastly, we must be willing to set aside our personal agendas to advance the interests of us all.  Other groups have done it and now it’s our turn.

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