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Tips Thoughts and Easy Talk

Happy Birthday America

Tiffany Sanders - Monday, July 06, 2015

With our nation’s birthday last weekend, there are bound to be endless house parties, celebrations, fireworks and parades to celebrate the 4th of July. Yes, we should celebrate our independence from Britain, but in 240 years since our liberation, America is still dealing with atrocities of slavery, segregation, institutional racism and oppression.

On a National level, the recent attack on Mother Emmanuel in Charleston, shooting death of Tamir Rice, McKinney Pool party fiasco and Freddy Gray’s death just to name a few, spotlight that America has a long way to go with its race relations.

President Obama took a lot of heat when he used the N-word in discussion about racism isn’t as overt as it was in the past. I beg to differ; it’s overt and covert. Matter of fact, just the other day as I was taking a walk, an old white man was jaywalking in the street and had the nerve to get mad at a car driven by a black man that abruptly stopped to avoid hitting him. His response was to the man wasn’t thank you, but to drop the F-bomb and call the other driver a Nigger. 

Racism in America is systemic and systematic. As blacks we need to work collectively to come up with a solid plan to ensure our agenda matters. Too often those things that don’t matter, but are good fodder for water cooler discussion such as Rachel Dolezal identity crisis are distracting us.

We must define our interests, develop and cultivate our next group of leaders and activists such as the young lady Bree Newsome who scaled a pole to yank down the confederate flag. We need to leverage our buying power so that banks and businesses do business with us on our terms versus the predatory lending and practices that we’ve become accustomed to. Lastly, we must be willing to set aside our personal agendas to advance the interests of us all.  Other groups have done it and now it’s our turn.

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