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Tips Thoughts and Easy Talk

What to do if he wants to have sex and you are not ready?

Tiffany Sanders - Wednesday, July 20, 2011
A lot of girls feel pressure to have sex or “to put out” with their boyfriends in order to keep them interested. This type of pressure comes from a variety of sources that include from within themselves, their boyfriends, and popular culture such as listening to sexually explicit music lyrics. Teenagers must realize that sex will not keep their boyfriend interested in the relationships – either he likes you for who you are or he does not. When you start to feel that he is only interested in you in order to have sex, that’s a red flag to exist to the left! He should generally like you for your personality, character, intelligence, common interests, and values. His interest in you should be maintained by enjoying spending quality time dating you, going to the movies, and by the mere fact that you like to do things he finds enjoyable such as watching sports, playing video games or working out. Additionally, his interest in you should be maintained because he sees you as a friend who does not crowd his space, respects his time hanging out with the boys, and offers support to him when he faces a difficult moment in his life. If you do all of the above and more and he’s not interested in being your boyfriend unless you have sex, then recognize that he is not the boyfriend for you and walk away holding your head up high. The right guy is out there for you and he will recognize you for your worth and not for what sexual favors he can gain from you.

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